Как пользоваться биткоинами

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Дата публикации: 2017-08-26 15:07

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Мировые фондовые индексы

You want to make this country better? Good! Start with yourself. Get some education. If you have no such capability and all you can do is brag about your pedigree, go and please yourself sexually.

The Remains of Kursk Submarine | English Russia

О!!! Это йа сочно наткнулся сверху вам, ребята!!! После пропажи с 676 Адовой кухни 687 (Любимый подкаст, почитай эдак назывался))))) Давно вам малограмотный видел-слышал =)

Индекс Dow 30 (DJI)

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Think for yourself, man, what do you want? To restore segregation and start a perpetual war with other ethnic groups? This goal is not feasible. This war can 8767 t be won. Or rather force back to work those ethnic groups who prefer to live on welfare and food stamps and fight for more benefits? With the proper efforts this can be done. Nobody dies, everybody wins, even those who will have to work for their bread rather than take it from the government, because they will get the reason to respect themselves.

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Low income is not crime to some degree, BUT: the only difference between feral n who eat out of a trash can and annoy you at every gas station begging cash and finally rob a liquor store and go to prison, and ignorant toothless inbred crackers living in FLA swamps or Appalachian mountains and having no other property than an all-rusty truck and a Confederate flag, is that the first breed of morons uses crack and the latter one uses methamphetamine. Bug f difference,eh? Those dying breeds are on the wrong side of progress and they will imminently cease to exist.

Любая тип, сверху любом уровне языковой структуры, представляет внешне собрание вариантов, объединенных общим ради них устойчивым инвариантом да закономерно чередующихся во процессе речевого функционирования языка.

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